Wildflower SeedBallz

Our Wildflower meadow mix is wildly beautiful! Naturalize your yard and bring in the song birds and friendly insects with this stunning mix of wildflowers. Our Wildflowers mix has 17 flower varieties that continue all summer long to add color and texture easily to your yard.

Each package of SeedBallz contains 8 balls

A SeedBall contains a packet-worth of seeds, rolled with a proprietary mix of organics and clay

SeedBallz grow in clusters, yielding more flowers in less space

Eight SeedBallz is enough to cover 8 to 10 square feet, about one square foot per ball. Each ball sprouts many seedlings forming a cluster. Store unused SeedBallz in a cool, dry place; seeds are viable for a minimum of two years. SeedBallz can be planted in containers or in the ground.

Ingredients: Clay, soil and flower seeds: White yarrow, Bachelor Button, Siberian Wallflower, Shasta Daisy, Godetia, Plains Coreopsis, Larkspur, California Poppy, Indian Blanket, Bird’s Eye, Blue Flax, Scarlet Flax, Perennial Lupine, Baby Blue Eyes, Evening Primrose, Corn Poppy, California Bluebell, Black-Eyed Susan, Catchfly. All of the seeds in SeedBallz are non-GMO.

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