Our Story

On December 31st, 2014, SeedBallz was purchased by an agency in Pontiac, Illinois. Futures Unlimited, Inc has been serving individuals with disabilities since 1970. This new venture for Futures Unlimited will provide tremendous work opportunities for the individuals we serve. We are very excited to be the new owners of such a great product and look forward to keeping the ball rolling……..

SeedBallz are born out of a native tradition. Native Americans rolled seeds in clay to reseed barren lands.

No need for yard tools or an achy back

Our Drop & Grow SeedBallz  produce clusters of flowers. They are perfect for lawns,gardens and planters.

We use NON-GMO seeds.

Cascade Minerals: Soil booster made from all natural finely milled volcanic basalt. That mimics the earths own method for producing healthy soil,by releasing essential trace minerals.


[toggle title=”2014″]In our first quarter of 2014, SeedBallz  have found 1000’s of new gardeners, excited to start their

spring garden. We keep rolling on…[/toggle]

[toggle title=”2013″]Veggie and Herb variety SeedBallz   Veggie and Herb variety SeedBallz enjoy huge success with a renewed attention to growing your own food.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”2012″]In 2012, we had surpassed our previous record of SeedBallz produced. 2,100,000 balls hand-rolled in the USA.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”2011″]SeedBallz producers, adults with disabilities in Arizona and Oregon, roll over 1,800,000 SeedBallz this year.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”2009″]Featured in over 12 garden catalogs, SeedBallz soars to new heights of availability.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”2007″]SeedBallz has their first International sale to Germany. Now a popular garden product in Europe, SeedBallz were first introduced to Germany in 2007 with 30,000 bulk SeedBallz shipped abroad.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”2005″]SeedBallz is born.

Alice bought the product SeedBallz from a woman who was selling them at state fairs.[/toggle]







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