Cilantro SeedBallz

A chef’s favorite, Cilantro is used in cuisine from around the globe. Cilantro is a gift to any garden offering ornamental, culinary, medicinal, and aromatic allure.

    • Each package of SeedBallz contains 8 balls
    • Each SeedBall contains a packet-worth of seeds, rolled with a proprietary mix of organics and clay
    • SeedBallz grow in clusters, yielding more food in less space

Eight SeedBallz is enough to cover 8 to 10 square feet, about one square foot per ball. Each ball sprouts many seedlings forming a cluster. Store unused SeedBallz in a cool, dry place; seeds are viable for a minimum of two years. SeedBallz can be planted in containers or in the ground.

Ingredients: Clay, soil and Cilantro (Coriander Slow Bolt) seeds. All of the seeds in SeedBallz are non-GMO.

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