Bachelor’s Button

Bachelor’s Button always remind me of my grandmother’s yard. She had a collection of blues and whites down her sidewalk that welcomed us each spring. The Bachelor Button is not only found in the garden though, they used to grow wild in the cornfields and are also known as Corn Flowers for this reason. Young men would wear them as a prediction of the depth of love from their love interest therefore they became coined Bachelor’s Buttons . Our mix grows 2‐3 feet with clusters of stems that produce flowers ranging from sky blue to light pink. They easily reseed so you can enjoy them year after year.

Contents: Bachelor’s Button (Centaurea cyanus)


  • DO NOT bury SeedBallz- PRESS SeedBallz into new or freshly tilled soil.
  • Do not break up the seedball; they are more successful if they are kept in tact- If a SeedBall does break, no worry, they can be planted with their pieces together and still sprout!
  • Place in FULL sun. Partial shade planting may still produce flowers, although they may not be as tall or big as their sunny neighbors.
  • Keep SeedBallz moist until sprouts begin to grow. Little seedlings like moisture to germinate and root for strong flowers.
  • Drop SeedBallz onto the ground, into pots, or scatter in fields (12 to 15 inches apart, or closer for a more compact look).

EIGHT (8) SeedBallz per package is enough to cover approximately 8 square feet or 1 square foot per ball. Each Seedball contains approximately a whole packet of seeds, depending on the seed size. Germination time is approximately 7 to 45 days. Store SeedBallz in a cool, dry place until ready to plant.



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